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Welcome to the City of Bastrop, Louisiana

A place where business is done by a handshake, where folks still wave to one another and say "how are you?" and where newcomers are welcomed with open arms.

We are a place where the hunting, fishing, and outdoors that make Louisiana a Sportsman's Paradise are close at hand in the richness of Morehouse Parish.

We are a place where history and culture meet progress and the living is easy, where the town square is still the hub of life and where folks take pride in making our community a better place.

We are Bastrop, Morehouse Parish. We are Hometown Louisiana!

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The records custodian for records in the custody of the Clerk of Court is:

Tina Wallace
Clerk of Court
Bastrop City Court
P. O. Box 391
Bastrop, LA 71220
FAX: (318) 283-3386


It appearing that schedule of bail for misdemeanors should be adopted by this court to aid in the orderly administartion of justice, and the same being authorized by the louisiana code of criminal procedure, Article 319 in particular, it is ordered, adjudged and decreed that the following schedule of bail bonds for misdemeanor offenses charged and triable in this court is hereby adopted, as follows:

Aggravated Assault $ 1,500.00
Battery Of Police Officer $ 2,000.00
Battery Of School Teacher $ 1,500.00
Contributing To Delinquency Of Minor $ 1,000.00
Criminal Property Damage $ 750.00
Discharging Firearm Within City Limits $ 1,000.00
Disturbing The Peace $ 750.00
Drag Racing $ 300.00
Driving Under Suspension $ 500.00
DWI First Offense $ 1,500.00
DWI Second Offense $ 2,500.00
Expired Inspection Sticker $ 125.00
Expired License Plate $ 125.00
Flight From An Officer In Vehicle $ 1,000.00
FTA 1st Offense $ 500.00
FTA 2nd Offense $ 750.00
FTA 3rd Offense $ 1,000.00
FTA 4th Offense Jail
Harrassing Phone Calls $ 250.00
Hit & Run $ 1500.00
Illegal Carrying Of Weapon $ 1500.00
Illegal Display Of Firearm $ 500.00
Leaving The Scene Of Accident $ 1,000.00
No Driver's License In Possession $ 150.00
Negligent Injury $ 1,000.00
Passing School Bus $ 500.00
Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia $ 750.00
Possession Of Marijuana $ 750.00
Receiving Stolen Property $ 1,000.00
Reckless Operation $ 1000.00
Resisting Arrest $ 1000.00
Resisting Arrest By Refusing Info $ 750.00
Shoplifting $ 1,500.00
Simple Battery $ 1,000.00
Speeding Less Than 60 Mph $ 250.00
Speeding Over 60 Mph $ 500.00
Theft $ 1,500.00
Unauthorized Use Of A Movable $ 500.00
Unlawful Sales To Minor $ 500.00
Worthless Checks $ 500.00
Simple Assault $ 500.00
Remaining On Premises $ 250.00
All Other Ordinance Violations $ 500.00
All Other Traffic Violations $ 250.00
Bastrop City Court, 202 East Jefferson, Bastrop, LA
(p) 318-283-0257
(f) 318-283-3386
***The Court's Fax Number is not working at the present time, please forward
all faxes to the Clerk for the City of Bastrop at (318) 283-3335.***
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm
The Court only accepts Cash or Money Orders.
Please make money orders out to "BASTROP CITY COURT"